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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 26, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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take control of the playoff series. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us. today is wednesday, april 26. michael thomas talking about the roads and michael thomas talking about the rain and it will end some point today. >> clouds and drizzle left. later this afternoon sun comes out and temperatures back into the 70s and tracking a serious crash in montgomery county and part of the vod closed with an an injuryy accident. >> looking forward to that from brother of you in the meantime let's get caught up on news. president trump surprise poised to introduce tax reform today. it ways big campaign promise for several months. we'll see significant cuts. a lot depends on what happens to tax care. most lawmakers
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to be handled first. >> let's talk about new details surrounding trump administration. lawmakers suggesting that president trump former security advisor michael flip broke u.s. laws it appears he violated federal law when failed to seek permission or inform united states government from receiving tens of thousands from a trip in 2015 according to house overnight committee. >> white house slaming a federal judge decision to block executive order that blocks funding for so-called sanctuary cities and i the san francisco based judge in a statement last night the ruling "under mipz faith in our legal system" but the move is step as victory for others. >> the executive order was riddled with constitutional problems and we knew the president of the united states cannot usurp spending powers of congress. >> this is the latest blow on the immigration
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travel bans have been blocked twice by federal judges. >> and retaliating against canada slapping a tariff on lumber blaming cap aidians for hurting wisdom martin farmers. it could mean an increase in home prices. >> canada has been rough opt united states everything thinks of canada being wonderful so do i but they out smarted our politicians many years. >> canada actually exports about 75% of products to canada while only 18% of the united states exports gets shipped norm. texas senator ted cruz has unique way to pay for president trump border wall he want drug cartels to foot the bill. introduce is el chapo act for the u.s. government to seek 14 billion for jm kingpin wack evenel guzman chat owe and any money
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to border protection and border wall. >> heads up volunteer actors and first responders across the region will take part in a massive drill getting ready for a terror attack. police, marina marraco personnel and entire fighters will participate in mock scenarios six sun disclosed locations in d.c., maryland and northern virginia and drill scheduled to start between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. we'll vel complete cover range throughout the morning. >> in the news a major push in support of those who represent out homes through air bnb. >> from across the region and area are expected to testify to city council in support of the company. coming after one council member is proposing new rules for d.c. resident that rent on such sites. melanie alnwick live in northwest with more. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys, this has become a heated debate with air b 234 b and
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working on behalf of hotel industry and councilman mc duffy saying air bnb hosts are taking away affordable housing from city residents. air bnb home sharing property allows property owners to represent rooms or entire home for short term stays. air bnb stats show $59 million in rental income from d.c. hosts last year. there are concerns that some property owners have basically running on unregulated hotels rather than rent ago forldable apartment. it would require a short term business license and health and safety inspections and listings of one per property owner and that must be owner primary residence and cap rentals 15 days a quleer owner not there and no income on home sharing when the owner is there. fines from $1,000 to $7,000 which go to housing protection trust fund. ma
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in this industry which is widely unregulated now is probably needed. however, many also believe that the proposed regulations here in d.c. go too far. that's why air bnb is bringing in hundreds of people tat represented out their homes on the service to rally in front of the wilson building this morning and then actual bill is up for a hearing in the city council at 10:00 today. live at council head quarters i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you. tracking metro and heads up for riders. you could have trouble getting a around on friday. that's because metro management says it's preparing for possibility of large scale sickout. metro says it is staffing based on "unusually high number of absence requests" metro union released this statement it's unaware of a sickout and if any metro employee expects to be sick they're adhering to
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policy. >> let's check today's forecast with michael thomas who says the rain, rain, is going to go away and come again another day. i'm going to be here all morning. just in case you're wondering. >> we'll see how long he can keep this up. i think you're running out of songs. >> i can go long. >> okay. we got yeah as you said, wisdom, i suppose, the rain will come again another day. but we have a little left this morning. sun comes back out this afternoon and finally back to warmer weather and sunshine which we've been missing the past couple days. satellite and radar showing clouds and few showers li lingering early this morning. low pressure off the coast line as it continues to pull away and it will pull the clouds and moisture along with. it temperature on the cooler side this morning and really having not bummed much the past 24 hours. reagan 53 down from 61 bwi 56. here's planner for the day today. if you head out and about m mostly cloudy at 11, 62. sunshine at
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0s we go mostly sunny gi by 5bg. erin como is back with tra traffic. >> that's right, 4:36 now tracking news out of gaithersburg in montgomery country and really seesh why you crash closing shady brook grove oakmont avenue and crash involving injuries as well as vehicle and tractor-trailer. we have a "fox5" crew on the way. as you head to gaithersburg this is south of 370 watch for slow downs this morning and good news once you get to 270 we're delay free the entire stretch frederick to gaithersburg. no issues in rockville i'm. i'll let you know if that changes. want to give a morning shout-out to rodney he picked me up from the shop uber he waxes "fox5" every morning this time and getting out on the roads. rodney as you make your way to beltway looking g any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you guys. >> 4:37 is the time. coming up. ivanka trump receives
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welcome in germany until she mentions her father. >> and after walking a way from the baseball diamond. >> we're going to break now. live look outside across is the d.c. region time now is 4:39, 4:38 rather i'm moving too fast. >> who sings this. >> kanye west on the remake. >> this set remake. >> this may be the original. >> 59 is the temperature. we'll talk -- curtis mayfield. >> i to ask i don't know, i ask
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>> time now is 4:40 back with what is hot on the web the stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> during our visit to berlin speaking on women's panel ivana trump was booed when talked about his father's paid leave policies. the moderator asked about her father's attitude towards women and her role in administration.
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with her role and says she cares very much about empowering women in the workplace and wants to make positive change. >> former president truexp rivrlal jeb bush and languageyes legendary jeter want to bid for the miami mar lips. they're working together to buy the ball club. it's being sold for 1.5 billion. >> fda warning companies for promoting bogus cancer cures. investigators found months finding prince george county ukd on the internet saying they have something to cure cancer. the companies have 15 days to respond with a plan to comply with the law before the fda per excuse legal action. france ace richest man is taking full control of christian dior. bernard berno who owned lmh said he is buying
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house at they did not own so now he has the whole things. >> and beyonce marking announcement of lemonade program by announcing sch scholarships for women to attend colleges. it goes to women at four schools. boston berkley college of music. new york par son school of design and two historically black colleges howard and spell. >> that's why she is the qu queen. 4:42 is the time. coming up. virginia governor terri mcauliffe will sign a bill giving women in the commonwealth more control over their bodies. >> and joe bide ep is teaming up with someone from the netflix breakout show 13 reasons why all in app effort to make clem campuses safer. >> a live look across the region. drizzly out there and cleaning up as the day goes on. 59 degrees i believe it is and 4:42 is the time. back after this
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>> good morning to i become to "fox 5 news morning". here are top stories of the day. parts of shady grove road in gaithersburg are closed a taxi collided with a tractor-trailer. you can see the front of the cab went under big rig. taxi driver was trapped for a while
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while and has serious injuries. airport erin will have more on this incident coming up in a moment. meantime a federal judge blocked enforcement of president trump executive order preventing fund from going to sanctuary cities. these are cities like d.c. and hyattsville when do not ask about a person's immigration status. >> proposed regulations for people to crackdown on homes that represent out through air bnb it would limb amount of time a air bnb customer could stay nay house and make sure they're fully licensed. >> just in time for a first responderd terror drill in various areas around the community. details coming up. meantime saying good morning to you, thank you very much for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today aapril 26 and mock drill means a hevr didn't police presence in hyattsville and arlington today. keep that in mind. >> keep this in mind. warm is warming up. traffic some issues.
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michael thomas let's start with you. >> pretty good weather forecast rather improving weather forecast for day. yes, it's cloudy out. there showers and patchy drizzle as well. we'll get rid of that this afternoon. sunshine comes back and we'll finally warm it up. there's stormtracker ray davrment bulk of shower activity is very, very light across sfxt marys, charles, calvert, prince george, montgomery and calvert. light drizzle falling out there. very quick look at future c cast. clouds 9 a.m. start to clear through the afternoon and before sunset we get a decent amount of sunshine. quick peek at the forecast. shows first 90 of the year on day. we'll go through it in details coming up in ten minutes. that's a check of the forecast and erin over to traffic. >> 4:47 now and wisdom is talking about this in gaithersburg shady grove road remains closed all lanes oakmont avenue a serious crash involving entrapment and car and tractor-trailer. crews working harded to clear the scene. few folks tape to the hospital.
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that south of 370 as you make your way out a side from that lynner loop crash at george down road. caution there as well. pepco on the scene by new york avenue and 17 in the district. taking a look at northwest next. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. back to you mature and even wisdom. >> tracking metro. heads up for riders. could have trouble getting a around on friday. >> metro management says it's getting ready for possibility of a large scale sickout. >> annie yu is liver in hyattsville maryland with more over the sickout. annie, good morning. >> hey, good morning, wisdom and maureen. that's right this is one more thing metro management is dealing with. and during this time we're told that they have received a unusual high number of absence requests for this friday. and so it's sort of those situations we have to wait and see what happens. but they're saying they're bracing for the large possibility or large scale possibility of sickouts happening this friday. we also spoke to a lot of passengers that say they're obviously
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getting a around but you know that they are making other plans. and metro has not said exactly how many employees have actually called out for friday and obviously that number is significant enough that they are now looking at staffing appropriately so that there's no distrouption service. we have to mention that the transit estimate in largest union at local 6 89 are in tense electricity negot negotiations. we reached out to un joan and jackie jeter says she's unaware of sickout and members whim do what they do every day to work in hall passengers and she added this statement. if you have received any information from management regarding employees calling in sick on friday it's not about contract negotiations or right to strike. modest policy requires that employees give a 72 hour advanced notice in anticipation of being sick. she added if any local member expressed to their superior they may be sick on friday, they are adhering to the policy. heads up could be tricky
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metro. however, metro management letting us know they are staff ago propertyly and just bracing for this large scale sickout. that's the latest from hyattsville maryland, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> watching met wrote and seeing how this plays out. 4:50 is a time and nip near george mason university today part of planned terror drill across the d.c. reeming don't. the arlington swat team will take part in the drill near the university law school the exercise starts at 8 and will last until 4:00 this afternoon f you're in that area you can expect to see heavy police presence again this is just a drill. this morning former vice-president joe biden will be at george mason to end sexual vie len on campus it's called it's on us and it's part of commitment to creating environment where everyone feels say. alicia bo who stars in netflix series 13 reasons why will also be attending that event. >> happening today virginia
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sign legislation geared toe women and reproductive health. it covers twelve month supply of more moanal contraceptives at one time. they'll have the option to fill it for up to one year at a time. the signing ceremony in arlington. >> coming up smithsonian offers you a chance to experience with space travel feels like. >> judge issues new ruling in a case of a man held for murder despite lack of body. >> we're going to break now. 4:51 is the time. temperature 59 degrees. i think the rain will stop according to michael thomas because you know what, we can stay stand the rain. . >> can stand the rain everybody loves those we have one on the way. michael thomas. >> who is this playing the song. >> chris cross. >> chris cross, jump, jump
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>> developing overnight he in nev inform a baby 4 months old was shot in the hand. police are not sure how it happened but they believe the baby was hit from a round of shots fired through a wall ever a las vegas department. the child was pain to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> d.c. missing butler, her killer jose rodriguez cruz was accused of killer her while they were dating and her body was not pound and for years nobody was charmed until this year. yesterday in court new photos were released that showed cruz coming and going from butler's house 43 times over the course of two days in 2009. sometimes carrying cleaning supplies. police say they also found a piece of black plastic trash bag on the ledge of window. he will remain locked up until his trial. >> prosecutors expectsed to seek a life
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del who admitted to killing two people and trying to kill two others in montgomery country last summer. those killings happened after he killed his wife in prince joj countery. he will be sentenced in july. >> starting this morning you'll have the opportunity to know what it's like to walk in space thanks to virtual reality attraction at the smith sewn yaxt rider on vi transporter will feel like they're floating in space as think move from cargo bay of shuttle to international space station. there you go if newer that the and want to know what it's like in space. i prefer to keep grounded and keep feet on the ground it's all good. >> i would like to try that. >> you want to try that. >> yes why not it's tree, right? >> all good. >> speaking of all good, yes, we're getting there. >> we're getting there. >> one step at a time here. we have cloud and shurz out there this morning. i don't want to paint a false picture here. by the time we get to the afternoon sunshine ek
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through clouds and 70s later this afternoon. bus stop forecast, 54 to 59 clouds spotty drizzle and maybe a shower at there as well. after school rapidly impr improving. skies starting to clear and sunshine comes back out. 68 to 74 right where we should thb time of year. we'll go for 72 in the district. once we get rid of showers sunshine comes back out tomorrow the warmth is back, mid 80s. mostly sunny, beautiful thursday. friday, may start with shower and sunshine. first 90 degree of the year saturday with maybe a couple thunderstorms in the afternoon. all right. there's 7 day forecast. airport airport has a look at roads. >> 4:56 a live look a little damp and droory 295 by eastern avenue headlights northbound side and taillights southbound volume as you can see traffic look going now. let's switch over for a look at maps. we're tracking problems in gaithersburg this morning. shady grove road closed
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vehicle and tractor-trailer. closing all westbound lanes oak mopt eave and crews are working to get it cleared. we'll let you know when the westbound lanes reon. earlier loop crashed cleared old georgetown road and 1700 block e street and 17 and new york impacted and questions @erinfoxdc on twitter back to you. >> 4:57 coming up on "fox news morning" nationals get into a slug-out in colorado. >> federal prosecutors say former new york city police officers spent money on time with prostitutes in exchange for gun permits. >> a break across the d.c. region. time right now it's on our side. you know what happens as the morning goes on all of a all of a suddenen you're running out of time and rushing to get to school and work. oh, my goodness. have that coffee first, though, it will make things better. back after this
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ready or not, here i come. ♪♪ anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. >> today on "fox news morning" rental debate. d.c. council members planning to debate a bill reducing number of air bnb lobe as cross the district. >> tax reform today president trump is expected to reveal his plan to overhaul the nation's tax code. >> looking outside the warm air is returning to the region today. note of you will experience temps in the low 70s. >> all right. heading to the


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